KA-1 Kazoo
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KA-1 Kazoo

(Code: KA-1)

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The kazoo is a quasi-musical instrument which adds a "buzzing" quality to a player's voice when the player vocalizes into it. "Kazoo" was the name given by Warren Herbert Frost to his invention in 1883. He refers to it as "This instrument or toy, to which I propose to give the name 'kazoo' "

While blowing is the term typically used to describe the technique required to play a kazoo, a more accurate term would be humming into the kazoo. Blowing with the lips closed around the mouthpiece of the kazoo will not create sound one must vibrate air from one's lungs by humming into the instrument to produce any sound. Increased air flow (louder humming) will result in a louder sound.

KA-1 Kazoo KA-1 Kazoo KA-1 Kazoo KA-1 Kazoo KA-1 Kazoo
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